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About Us

Sounds Unlimited Entertainments was started by myself  in may 1994 in a town in the midlands called 
Burton Upon Trent. 
It has gone through many different looks over the years moving with the times.
It all started after years of wanting to be a DJ. I finally got a set of decks and speakers for my 18th birthday which was the start of everything. Our first gig as Sounds Unlimited was at my local pub on the end of my street every sunday. We then got asked to do the local Youth Club disco's at the church. From there on the work started coming in fast and more of my friends came on board (which most of them still help us out). 
It soon progressed to having two shows, which for an 18 year old i thought was pretty good. After a few years Sounds Unlimited had to take a back burner as i got offered Night club work so i was busy with that for a few years.
Fast forward 5 years i decided to build it back up. Within the first year of starting it up properly we had two shows out every Friday & Saturday again. Then another year later we had five or six out every Friday and Saturday. Plus we also started the video Dj side which is a good add on to any occasion
We now have a vast collection of state of the art Lighting & Sound. Also we now have a sister company run by one of the original staff of Sounds Unlimited operating in the Cornwall area.